Rebecca Schumejda

Tear Duct of the Storm

Books: Waiting at the Dead End Diner : Cadilliac Men : Map Of Our Garden
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...nearly every poem hits the mark. I like Eleven Days, To a Woman I Cannot Love [3], Weeding, and There Was Something I Was Supposed to Do, But, especially. But every reader will find her or his favorites. I recommend this one. Reviewed by Dan Crocker
published by Green Bean Press (now defunct), in 2001. You can order copies for $5. through the author, just e-mail her at

The Accountant
The carpenter ants came in through the piping.
She comes in through the kitchen window
throws her apron on the table
sits down in the chair
crushing a new pack of cigarettes
starts making piles of ones and fives.
She allocates the piles--the beer pile--
the pool game pile--the food pile--the rent pile, maybe--
the ant trap dish soap pile--the nicotine caffeine
sugar-free chewing gum pile.
When she's done she counts
the ants on the kitchen floor
the dishes in the sink
her tips three more times.
She doesn't consider herself a pool player
although she can hold the table.
Considers herself a woman
even though the sink is always full
the bed is never made.
She doesn't want to believe she's a waitress,
but she takes orders and accepts the tips
left behind between crumpled napkins
dirty dishes and spilled drinks.
An ant carries a dead ant on its back for an inch or so--
stops--puts it down and runs back for another corpse.
She does a body count
before using her key to crush the ant
then puts the key on a piece of string
she ties into a necklace
to ensure a proper entrance next time.
-originally published by Rattapallax

Eleven Days
I called you
when I got home
from working in the dish room
to tell you
453 plates
376 bowls
17 racks of plastic cups
and 8 racks of utensils
went through the washing machine today.
You were not home. I didn't leave a message. I played solitaire, ate a bag of stale
potato chips I dipped in ketchup, masturbated, painted my toenails silver,
and drank a warm beer.